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Ojo Olamiji: Legacy; Not For The Famous Alone

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Legacy is something inherited from a predecessor or a heritage, simply put.

It is amazing how we simply ascribe the concept of legacy to those who are famous alone. We speak less of the not-famous, uncelebrated people. This on its own has done a great disservice to the human race. Unpopular people, due to the above sentences no longer see any reason to do the right things that are expected of them. They are soon of the opinion that nobody expects anything from them. They believe no one cares or pay attention to whatsoever thing they do. They believe that as long as they lead a quiet life, it is good enough for them.

If you are of this opinion, you are definitely wrong; Because either you like it or not, a “legacy” is being created. However, the type of legacy you leave depends on your involvement in creating it. I am amazed at the lackadaisical attitude of some persons about what they would be remembered for. They simply do not care. As a matter of fact, many are of the opinion that they are invisible and cannot be held responsible for their irresponsible actions. Many hide behind the mask of hideous names on social media to throw tantrum of their negativity. They go ahead to put up hurtful words on the net. They are quick to exchange violent words on internet as long as it cannot be traced back to them. They simply do not care if their names or identity is attached to something uncalled for or hideous. They do not care about people who get hurt from their words or actions. 

No matter what we think of ourselves, the fact remains that whatever thing we create has an impact, either good or bad, on us, on our families, friends, colleagues, communities and even the nation at large. We cannot afford to leave a corrupt legacy behind. It doesn’t matter if we are famous or not. It doesn’t matter if we are celebrated or not. We do really have impacts, either it valued by people or not, felt by people or not. The way you affect your environment is your “LEGACY”.

This is how you leave a legacy. Be sure to do what you know your parent, siblings, friend, children will be very proud of at the end. Consider other’s interests as your own. Maintain integrity at all cost. Love your neighbor even if he is not lovable.  Hard work is never a waste, strive to do well in whatever your hand finds doing. Do not give up when you fail, and never give up in your pursuit of creating a great legacy. Guide zealously the legacy that was left for you. By so doing, you are creating your own legacy too. The world does not need to remember your name, but some few people you had contact with will have your name inscribed in their heart.          


Finally I will leave you with these words Eleanor Roosevelt said, and I quote, "one’s philosophy is not best expressed in words; it is best expressed in the choices that one makes and the choices we make are ultimately our responsibility". 


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