"I Don't Really A Have Mentor, God Is My Mentor" - Ayanfe Adekunle Monsuru - Olu Jameson Media

"I Don't Really A Have Mentor, God Is My Mentor" - Ayanfe Adekunle Monsuru

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We caught up with Nollywood Actor, who became a household name after his significant role in a Yoruba Nollywood film, "Ile Alayo"

He talked about his role in the movie and how it all started for him.


Tell us about yourself sir?

My name Ayanfe Adekunle AKA Monsuru

Sir can you please tell us how the journey started for you?

I started some years back, 2003 to be precise. It wasn't really easy at first but today we give thanks and adoration to Almighty God.

What are the major challenges you face when you started?

Smile... That is a very good question. There is a Yoruba adage that says "ti ako ba ri eni bala, ola o kin ya" what I actually meant is if there is nobody to link you up, it will be somehow difficult to get there. So, I don't think I should share the experience but it wasn't easy.

Who are your mentors in the Nigeria movie industry?

Let's say... I don't really a have mentor, God is my mentor but they are some people I always follow there foot l step in what ever I do. Someone like Ojo Pagogo, Razak Olayiwola, Femi Adebayo and Ibrahim Chatta. I love their craft.

These are top actors. What movie actually brought you out to the limelight?

Well, the first movie that brought me out was "Alakada" but the movie that brought me to the limelight was "Ile Alayo" which was produced by Femi Adebayo . I played the lead role alongside "Okunnu".

Sir, how can you rate the Nigeria movie industry compare to the Hollywood of this world?

Hmm... for now we are doing great and we've improved in recent years, I believe in the next two to three years Yoruba movie will be doing great things because as at now we have improve immensely and it can only get better.

Sir, I notice most Yoruba actors are restricted to just acting Yoruba movies and they are not getting featured in English (Nollywood) movies. I would appreciate if you shed more light to that.

(Laugh) Nollywood are speaking general Language which is English and the Yoruba actors are promoting their culture. Trust me, Yoruba actors are now featuring in English (Nollywood) movies, and let me also tell you that we have a very good stories and our equipment are very good. We are getting there and like I said earlier we will definitely get there.

what new projects are you currently working on??

Ha! "Asiri Idanwo won fi won omo Ile iwe" I mean you don't show the secret of a exam to the students (Laugh). To all my fans just keep watching bigger and greater project are coming out very soon.

(Laugh) Sir, We understand you are very busy but before we let you go, what advice do you have for those that want to be like you or that want to be a movie star?

First of all, be focus, be respectful, you need a lot of endurance and by God's grace they will get there. That is the only advice I can give them.

Thank you very much for your time

You're very much welcome my brother and thanks for having me on your blog.

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