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The King's Horse | By Demoshood

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The king's horse, a seer with blind eyes, he sees beyond the gods, his predictions marvel the Vaticinator, the day he conquered the land, he unraveled the pregnancy of the Escargot, feared by young and old, mothers are not excluded from his predictions. Is he an emissary of the greater God? Slowly he walks, unique from other equines, his is a fame that towers above deities.

What befalls the rivers, would surely befall it's inhabitants, what befall the heavens will surely befall the birds, who is he that offers one eyed ovine to appease the Oracle, accursed is the generation that offers putrid Kolanut to the deity. Oh King, you shall be roofless in the coming Dawn, neighed the horse, the King ordered an abode to be drilled into the rock, happy to have defied the Psychical creature.

The needle has fallen from the lazar's mitt, the squirrel has climbed the tree to its top, wagging it's tail to the wandering hunter, Lo our great King, your farms will be charred before Twilight, the fretful King sold the farm before before dusk. Our perspicacious King dances in his raiment for outstripping the Paranormal fauna.

The morning water tastes bitter, the sun rises from the South and Sets In the North, the mahogany bears orange, the Palms ooze blood, the rivers exude wine, the heaven drizzles salt, what has befallen the land? Ye the wisest of all Kings, thee shan't see the noon...
The snake is out of the bucket, sons of men are on the run, the spider is trapped in its web, who

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