When Ever I Face Discrimination I Always Tell Myself, What People Think Of You Doesn't Define You - Makinde Titilayo Pearl A Sickle Cell Warrior - Olu Jameson Media

When Ever I Face Discrimination I Always Tell Myself, What People Think Of You Doesn't Define You - Makinde Titilayo Pearl A Sickle Cell Warrior

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We had the opportunity to interview a young warrior of Sickle Cell and the brain behind Pearls Sickle Cell Foundation (PSCF), a foundation aimed at creating awareness on Sickle cell.

Olujamesonmedia: Can we meet you?

Pearl: My name is Makinde Titilayo Pearl, 23, From Osun state.
I had my primary education at Ki-Queens Int'l Nur/Pri School, Abuja, proceeded to Government Girls Secondary School Dutse where I had my Secondary Education and then to the University of Ilorin for my tertiary education.
I'm first of four kids.

Olujamesonmedia:Tell us more about your foundation?

Pearl: Pearl Sickle Cell Foundation (PSCF) Founded in September 2017, Is an initiative that stands for Advocacy and management of sickle cell.
Our means of advocacy is through online and physical means and on management we provide medical, psychological and emotional support to people living with the disorder.
The foundation is aimed towards a sickle cell enlightened world by creating awareness about the disorder and erasing misconceptions people have about it.
On management : We have support groups where warriors can express themselves freely both online and offline, we also provide free drugs to warriors (as sicklers are better called) .
Generally I'll say PSCF is a support system for warriors.

Olujamesonmedia: Wow! you're really doing a great job. What is the reason behind you coming up with this foundation?

Pearl: Firstly, because I am a warrior myself and I have lived with the disorder since I was born. Secondly. the discrimination we face because of misinformation about sickle cell and thirdly, I discovered they are alot people giving up on life because no one understand their pains, I also found out that a lot of sickle cell warriors have died because they were unable to access good medical care. So, PSCF started to attend to this needs, especially the need of a support system for warriors

Olujamesonmedia: I really commend you for this great initiative. Can you tell us more about Sickle Cell and how can someone be a victim?

Pearl: Thank you.
Sickle cell disorder is an inherited blood disorder, where the red blood cells are rigid and sticky and are shaped like sickles or crescent moons. These irregularly shaped cells can get stuck in small blood vessels, which in turn blocks blood flow and oxygen and results into a sickle cell crisis(pain episode). there are various types of sickle cell though the most common one is HbSS, we also have HbSC, thalassemia etc.
A sickle celled child is made when two individuals who have the sickle cell trait come together to make babies..e.g AS + AS...People who have sickle cell trait are those who have One normal haemoglobin (A) and one abnormal one (S or C).when the two of them come together to make babies it could result into having a sickle celled child or children.

olujamesonmedia: Wow, thanks for giving us an insight on what sickle cell really is.
How are you coping with discrimination?

Pearl: Its not been easy, especially in this part of the world where people are misinformed. For me discrimination has been my strength, it had helped me to do even better.
When ever I face discrimination I always tell myself, what people think of you doesn't define you, brace up and make them regret that they ever did.
I also use discrimination as a means of creating awareness.

Olujamesonmedia: Wow! I love the spirit. What advice do you have for those living with Sickle Cell Anemia?

Pearl: My advice to everyone living with sickle cell is Be Sickle smart, Sickle sensible, Stay strong, strive to succeed and never stress.
Always have it at the back of your mind that you are given this life because you are strong enough to live it, Live it and live it well.
Take your meds, go for checkup regularly and above all Eat well.

Olujamesonmedia: That was inspiring. Thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedule to enlighten us. We wish you all the best in all your life endeavors .

Pearl: The pleasure is mine sir

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