[Poem] Mogudu's Ordeal - By Moshood Abeeb - Olu Jameson Media

[Poem] Mogudu's Ordeal - By Moshood Abeeb

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Tasted the thick skin of the elephant, savory It is, it took a century to await the death of the greatest warlock, the day became dark, the warlock struggled for his breathe, oh the dreadful man with dark eye balls, plump body, rust colored hair has taken the warlock. It's a pity our great warlock concede to death.

To where will our great warlock return? Here comes the potter, with unknown fate, either the last day is near, gently she picked up the clay for her art, to where would she return? Innocent as a neonate, Mortals use me at will, to build their house, to make their tomb, to construct their endless road to plant their food.

To where will I return? I mock the mane for it shall return to me, I bemock the loquacious dog for it's bones are mine, patiently at a corner I wait for the death of the roaring lion, whose meat shall be tasted by me. To where will I return, Mortals use me, I remain gullible, plants grow in my powdery form, the virgin bride keeps her water in My belly, but yet no one awaits my death, I celebrate my experience, but wail at my nothingness, I am just an Earthen Pot with futile Life.

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