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Is It Really My Life? My Social Life Is Dead Help!!!

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I don't know if you have encountered youths, ladies especially who after clocking 18 and are not in a relationship and are always worried even though they are already in their penultimate year in the university or other tertiary institutions. Deka is my name, a lady of 24 years, also a Nigerian. I've lived all my life here in Nigeria, meaning that my education took place here too. When I take a look at my life, I can call myself an achiever. At 20, I already had my B.A in History, and by 23, I was already a Master's degree holder. Currently, I am on a scholarship to run my PH.D program in the United States. I am a lady all about inspiring people not only with my academic success but also in every other thing I do, like the way I comport myself in public, the way I relate with people and many other related things. I can say is working out well for me, except that till now, I have never been in a relationship. I often talk about this with my spiritual parents and even some of my lecturers who I feel comfortable talking to, and I keep hearing that a relationship will come at it's time. I usually think that it is because I have become such a great success that no man will want to come around and have his ego hurt. Sometimes, I feel the success is so great that even I can't handle it, or maybe something is just wrong with me. Not that the guys are not forthcoming or no one is asking me out; but as for many as have asked me out, it's just that I don't even have to tell them I'll think about it, all I just have to say is No! I won't call it pride cause it's not, and I don't even have a checklist to tick for the right guy, I just know it that these ones are not for me and I have no other option but to politely turn them down. No matter how much I try, it just doesn't seem right to say yes to somebody of the same age or academic level wiith me, or even older than I am but with lesser achievements. To be candid, it is almost like I could predict this is going to happen, because at 19, in my final year in the university, I wasn't in any relationship and didn't even have anyone in mind.

I tried to mingle, but I must confess, my social life is 10 over 100. All my mates are either in a relationship, or married or will be getting married soon, but here I am achieving great excellence academically, financially, spiritually and every other thinkable area, just not socially. I know that my academic and career pursuit has taken my social life away from me, in fact, it is the sacrifice I made. This might not be so for some people, because even as much as they pay attention to their social life, still end up making good success. I'd really love to have a love life, but at the same time pursue my career and I'd love to be a writer and a history lecturer too.

Now, my question is has it really been my life or a life I lived for my academics that is being the barrier to me having a relationship?

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