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The Rooted Life | By Abimbola

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The secrets we keep have a way of feeding the eyes many with a public performance.
Pain has a way of twisting us up ...
I wish upon a star that my guilt flew from me
I wish upon the dark skies that shameful sins be hidden
I wish upon the night's breeze that all my worries be blown away.
I wish to be free and not judged

Then I heard


You have to focus on me
You have to channel your energy to my direction
No matter how hard you try
No matter how much you think about your mistakes
Know that what happens in your life is just an addition to your story

Forget the negativity
It doesn't matter what you are going through

Focus on me

Don't think about the pain
You are not alone
You are never alone
When all you see is the pain
You lose sight of me

Religion is way too much work
I see you looking around longing for love
In need of strength

Focus on me

You want that feeling of being accepted and cared for
that's why you go around hoping to find it
You avoid me
You think I'm so far away when I am with you every step of the way or because I chastise you,you think I'm wicked
I keep working on you
Because that's what love does

I can turn your darkness into day
I hear every word you say
I see every body language

Just Focus on me.


Take my hand
Hold it tight
Let's go on this journey called Life
No more sorrow no more pain
Take my hand
Let me show you true love

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