Letter To Abiku: The Tragedy Of 4PM | By Bill Ivans Gbafore - Olu Jameson Media

Letter To Abiku: The Tragedy Of 4PM | By Bill Ivans Gbafore

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When evening comes and 4pm draws nigh,
And my time on this sunny earth is gone and done
As one last time I’ll be staged on high…
Slowly, take me to my new home beyond the skies.

Abiku my darling, be strong and weep not,
For even hideous death cannot separate our hearts.
Though darkness has conquered this blissful life,
But in your dreams, I’ll forever be by your side.

Abiku, sweetheart you were the love of my life,
Your sweeten kisses I will now no more have.
Disdained from misery is my trembling soul
That’s longing for thee, to have and to hold.

Abiku, I know forever we swore to be one,
But pardon my immortality this time for once.
It’s now too late than I’ve ever wished
To stare in thy eyes and plant sweet kisses on thy lips.

Darling Abiku, it’s not my fault that I’m no more.
The serpent bit me harder than you even know;
Deeper than your nails in my back at night…
And sadly I must depart from thy precious sight.

Evening is nigh and I hear the sirene afar,
The bell is tolling and that I can’t deny.
4pm calls me, it’s 4pm at last!
My time is up, and from this earth I must depart.

Goodbye Abiku, Goodbye by wife.
Death is an insurmountable force that defeated me outright.
Too soon I must go, cause 4pm shouts!
They’re taking me away to where we feared in this life!

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