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Introspective Monk / By Moshood Abeeb

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In search of a secret,
Gladly I walk through the desert,
With no shoes upon my feet,
Victim of unknown fate,
I met the God of dry lands,
He told me what I seek is buried
Beneath the earth.

Gladly my walk continued,
Clueless as the chicken, who
Knows not the fate of its egg,
The Mountain deity crossed my way,
What you seek is in the belly of the ragged sky he uttered,
My quest is never sated,
I continued my voyage,
Raggedly clad, my throat melted
For the lack of water, but gladly I walk,
The desert brought the breeze, slumber overpowered my eyes, right at the foot of the wilted fig, I lay my head.

In my dreams, I walked gladly too,
The Supreme being waylaid me,
What do you seek ungrateful human?
I shivered at the thunderous voice, shrank to the strength of wool,
I answered I seek my destiny.
Raucously he smiled, Lo and behold, your destiny is buried within you, he said,
With my head down, how do I find it within me?
Rapturously he answered, "you will discover your destiny only if you are introspective !!!

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