Health Benefits Of Corn (Must Read)

Few things scream summer as much as a freshly picked ear of corn grilled to sweet perfection with a smear of butter & a sprinkle of salt. ⠀

Lucky for us, this summer staple comes with some pretty impressive health benefits too.⠀

Let’s peel the husk, shall we?⠀


Corn contains higher amounts of antioxidants than most other cereal grains — likely due to the fact that it’s a vegetable. The antioxidant type varies with the color of the corn : purples are rich in anthocyanins, yellows in carotenoids, and all contain ferulic acid—an anti-carcinogen that’s shown effective in fighting breast tumors.⠀


Lutein & zeaxanthin are the predominant antioxidants in corn. Known as macular pigments, these two “anti-eye-xidants” (we made that up—don’t judge) protect the inner surface of the eye against oxidative damage caused by blue light and reduce the risk of both macular degeneration & cataracts. ⠀


The yellow variety—which is probably the one you eat most—carries the bonus hashtag #skinfood. Yellow & orange foods (think: carrots, papaya, sweet potato, pineapple—to name just a few) are rich in both alpha- & beta-carotene, which help prevent & counteract the skin damage caused by oxidation & UV rays. ⠀


Corn is a rich source of the B-vitamins thiamin, niacin & folate — the latter of which is so essential for brain function 🧠 that it’s basically mandated for pregnant women to prevent neural defects in newborns.⠀


Just 1 cup fulfills 18% your RDI of fiber (even popcorn gives a good dose). It’s also a source of pantothenic acid, which metabolizes lipids & protein. And it’s high in starch, which (unlike refined carbs) regulates blood sugar levels. ⠀

Corn is one of the most popular foods around the world and forms the staple ingredient for everything from polenta to tortillas .

Though often grouped together w/grains (and used in similar ways), it’s actually a vegetable (read: gluten-free). And also a fruit (read: confusing).⠀

Bonus: cooking actually increases its antioxidant activity

So fire up the grill, corn season is here!


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