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[Poem] Letter To Mama | By Mide Ajao

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I wrote this letter not with ink,
But with the tears of my 14years sister,
Who got raped by herdsman along the river side.
It's 3 months now, mama.
And she has added more flesh.
Mama..does that mean I'm having a nephew or niece so soon?

Papa have knocked a hard nail on my education,
He said he doesn't understand the parables of his pocket.
He said only small boys go to school,
He also said school is a slavery business.
Right now, I own the kite on every electricity pole,
I'm responsible for the death of every chicks on the street,
Yes, I murdered every lizards in the gutter.
Mama... I've left the small boy you do call me behind.

Have I told you about our new mother?
A dangerous serpent in human flesh,
That serve us curses as coffee every morning.
She has painted us the colour of wretchedness,
She made our lips sing the song of hunger everyday.
Mama..hope you are coming soon.

Papa told me about the rich man you left him for,
He told me how you sew the gown of waywardness when he lost his job.
He told me everything, yes... everything!
The Love? The Fight? The Feelings? And the beautiful memories you shared together.
And the first time I'll see papa's iris dripping tears was the day you're leaving.
Mama...I guess you sneaked out of yourself.

Come back to your home and kick you out papa's jezebel,
Come back to your home to nurse my sister's fate,
Come back to your home to feed me again,
Come back...after reading this letter.

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