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[Poem] Let Me | By Mide Ajao

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Let me close your scars with my tongue,
Teach me how to die,
And let me bury my lifeless body in your breathing flesh.
Let me dance to the sound of your breath,
Whispering to my ears like reggae and blue.

Let me take you the world of silence,
Where the voice of our foot would be heard.
Let me spell my name to your ears,
Very beautiful like a poem.

Let me take you to cloud 9,
I'm gonna teach you how to solve 69.
Let me clap to the ding-dong of your waist,
Let me teach you the language of tongue.

Let me have a home in your heart,
Let me keep my soul on your palm.
Let me take you to my kingdom,
Very beautiful to build your queendom.
Be my Juliet,
Let me be your Romeo.

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