[Poem] I'm Not Hungry (anorexia) | By Victory Ajaja - Olu Jameson Media

[Poem] I'm Not Hungry (anorexia) | By Victory Ajaja

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Inspired by Emma Chota video ( I'm not hungry)

Fifteen years I slept awake,
doors shut at my face.
Knobs all frozen up,
tight fist clashing walls.

Night gives a lamp to light,
a shadow who cant even fight.
Keys dump in a toilet sit
waiting for my slim fit.

I'm not hungry,
so don't be angry.
I just stopped eating,
I need to start fitting.

The demons hides beneath my skin
I need to burn it slim.
Shades of black isn't just enough,
I need to get thin and be loved.

Food is just too much
so ill starve and not eat lunch.
Breakfast, dinner, lunch after.
I'm not hungry.

I think I might break,
please don't leave me awake.
Be my friend, hold me.
I am but small, unfold me.

I have lost myself
fear is all I have felt.
Alone no where to be found,
all is just pain and wounds.

"You want me to be normal,
eat, eat, eat, it not that simple.
It never gonna be better,
I need someone to see that letter."

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