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Dear Anxiety | By Victory Ajaja

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You are my bitter pill I get to swallow
a dark, shaddy pit I stay and wallow.
You got me on the neck,
came in like Kyler just to wreck,
caught between you and her nest.
Please don't chase me out yet.
You make me think too much,
one story is never enough.
Scenes of unending chapters keep flooding
my mind a living chapel is just too rowdy.
One picture, twelve dancing princess,
but you are my jewel, still priceless.
Your lip painted in red lies,
Perching my vision like buzzing flies.
I see things and run to hide,
but its just you inside my mind,
playing joker the clown,
just let me wear his crown.
A bottle of rum to help me sleep at night, to calm the sea you rode with your might.
All he said was it will be alright,
shut the doors and left me with no sight.
I should thank you Anxiety,
for taking away sanity.

© Victory Ajaja

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