Ali Baba, Fela Durotoye, Woli Arole, Waje, Others To Inspire Youths At The Upgrade2018 Conference - Olu Jameson Media

Ali Baba, Fela Durotoye, Woli Arole, Waje, Others To Inspire Youths At The Upgrade2018 Conference

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A single word…

See this for yourself.

“I was barely 15 when I attended the first seminar of my life immediately after secondary education and 5 years later, I was rusticated for fake admission after writing my final papers and preparing for service in the university for fake admission issues.

“Until that moment when I watched some of my mates which were also affected, commit suicide before my eyes and how I turned that experience to the wheel of impact that began to win me awards, I didn’t know how much of a changed person I had become from the seminars I attended over the years.

“At the point of being faced with suicidal thoughts, I was held back by a single word; “Beyond certification, what can you prove to tour world?””

Like Young, many young people do not give themselves an opportunity to expand their thought capacity beyond their immediate circumstances, so they struggle and remain in the status quo, utterly frustrated. So many youths have lost a lot all in the name of lack of knowledge and experience.

A single word could be all you need to gain access into the insight you need to upgrade your life, business strategies and maybe bank account.

At the Upgrade Conference 2018, ideologies will be flying at the speed of thought and mental clogs will be cleared as the thought patterns of many will be expounded through the insights of men and women who have carved their names in stone and have their paths shining as light to others around them.
People who have made it in life,experienced life,gone through thick and thin and Still made it out alive will be present at Uprade2018. There will be a lot to learn,knowledge to acquire.

You’ll have a great insight of yourself after the Upgrade2018.

Upgrade2018 will help youths develop the real them,help them see life in another dimension that’s going to be favourable to the,help youth know the importance of attending seminar

Upgrade2018 is not just any type of conference, it is a type that you would not want to be told about,a conference you’ll have a smiling face when leaving the hall.
I urge everyone who has the opportunity to read this to register and make time to be present.

Would you rather not step out of your house to grab that single word at Upgrare2018 or would you just sit and wait all year round again to repeat the same pattern that has kept you bound?

Give this a thought…

We will be waiting for you at the gate if your choice resonates with what we are thinking right now.

You know what to do right?

Quickly rush to and register immediately as registration is compulsory even though attendance is free.
Book your slot now!


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