#YoungOga: Exclusive Interview With Akinade Tomisin (CEO vicka Adire Art) - Olu Jameson Media

#YoungOga: Exclusive Interview With Akinade Tomisin (CEO vicka Adire Art)

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Good day and welcome to another edition of 'YOUNG OGA'. Olujameson's Blog exclusive interview session with the CEO Vicka Adire Art.

Can we meet you?

I am Akinade Tomisin victoria, a public health professional and the CEO of vickaadireart.

What motivate you to go into Adire making?

In response to that, let me quote this bible verse that says "all things work together for good to those that love God and called according to his purpose". This is because I never planned going into adire making. After my first semester exam, my mum listened to a program on the radio around past 10 in the night on skill acquisition in adire making. She called my attention to it and suggested I should go learn it so as not to be idle during my break. I went and learnt it not being sure of what I was going to do with it, since it had this wrong notion about it being an old people's craft or just for people from Abeokuta. I learnt it and tried some designs for my old cloths after which I requested old shirts from my friends to practice with which they obliged. I felt I was doing well until my sister encouraged me that I could do better because as at then I was giving up already (I needed that push). Then, I needed to have some change at hand too, gradually people started bringing their shirts for my adire designs and today I am proud to say I am an innovative adire maker because it is beyond the general tie and dye but a touch of art . That's where the vicka adire art emanated from.
Also, another rationale I had was that solve a problem by taking this opportunity to bridge the gap of throwing out old cloths. Rather, it would be better recycled and save cost of new cloths, so I started rebranding old shirts and tops such that my customers still have their favorite clothes back in a redefined way.

That was inspiring. I have seen several types of design made with adire, I must confess I am really amazed with all of this design. How do you guys come up with all of this design and the inspiration behind your creativity?

Our designs are inspired by all that happens around us. For example a Pepsi drink logo spurred the inspiration of a shirt design(check my igpage, your willegar know the shirt almost immediately you see it). In addition to that, our customers profession, color ,likes, personality are embedded in the production of our work to our customers. For example, a naval officer had a beach concept because he gets to spend his time mostly on water, and our professional clients have their shirts fitting into the coperate world.

What are the challenges you face while making adire?

The challenges range from a customer's request for a dye work with a bad material and in a bid to satisfy the customers need the outcome are usually nor so good. Speaking from past experiences, I have learnt to convince my customers why a material can be used or not, and not just for the reward . Another challenge I face sometimes is the indecisive attitude towards a color, making it difficult to realky go all through with the cloth, but i have also learnt to convince them to trust my designs and choice of color in case of color choosing dilemma.Another challenge is that the chemicals used are hazardous. They are corrosive to the skin and irritating to the respiratory tract but personal protective equipments are used to mitigate the effect of the chemicals. however sometimes it inevitable to have my hands soiled with the dye. Professionalism comes into play in dealing with all these challenges. Although it wasn't learnt in a day, with time I became better at it.

Do you think this new trend of Adire is here to stay?

I really can't say I am certain about that because day by day fashion trends change but what I know is that it is trendy now because people wear adire and they don't even know it is adire they have on.
However, with people that love their style and fashion there will always be a way to blend our indeginous tie and dye concept into it. Adire is here now and will be in years to come.

Do you see yourself doing this for a very long time?

Yeah, I think I want to challenge myself to sustain this project. Although I may not be the one doing it operationally, i will be the strategic manager and call the shots. I will have people working for me till this enterprise is well liberated.

Do you think the Nigeria fashion industry is on the same pace with the western world?

I won't say it's on the same pace but they are moving up the ladder.

What is your philosophy of life?

I don't really have a philosophy but what drives me is that I know God is involved in all that happens one way or the other. Because Time and chance happen to us all only depends on our preparedness.

What advice do you have for those that want to go into Adire making?

Adire making is not for a lazy person , it might seem dirty and stressful,but your passion and drive to explore new ideas makes the stains worth the while.
I train people on adire art and also provide the service of rebranding and recycling. Just give us a call and we are at your service

Thanks for that inspiring word. we appreciate you for sacrificing your time, bigger you.

Thank you so much for this opportunity.

And that's a wrap on today's ‘YOUNG OGA’ . Bye for now and stay tuned for more exclusive interviews with YOUNG OGAS right here on Olujameson Blog.

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