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Twisted Plot | By Bold Seth

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It's 6:45am
The moon walked into my room through the curtains
And woke me up to behold what has happened
The moon now rules over the day and the sun is nowhere to be found
For at sun rise, the risen sons
discovered that the pregnant dawn suffered a stillbirth
And the cry of light became a hushed silent discussion amongst men
Mother Nature came to the rescue and ordered the moon to take over the sun's duty
So men went about committing atrocities
For the illuminative presence of the moon had an ubiquitous absence.
Let me plot the graph of nature upon the pages of the earth
Let the sun be x and the moon be y
For the sun has gone missing and the moon could only ask why this happened.
Now let me untwist the twist in this plot
For this is the fate of a failed country
A Negro nation where the streams ought to flow with milk and honey
But the citizenry lick the wounds of regret
For the swarms of the 'bee-sy' leaders are only horny for corruption
Darkness covers the nation
And gross darkness the people
Darkness now rules over the light
However, this abomination shall soon cease
For the sun of righteousness shall rise again with healing in its wings.

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