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The Yorubas | By Israel Mathew Robert

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The Yorubas are beautiful, blessed, moderate, corporate, incomparable, infallible when it comes to respect and honor and their beautiful heritage, their culture and attire. A wonderful, seductive and glorious language. With serene vocals, rich in tone and melody.

Ever since childhood, I have this involuntarily and unconditional love towards them. I can defend them wherever and whensoever. When I meet a Yoruba, I'm so excited inside, I smile when I hear them speak, I listen to the orchestration of their language
I always wished I was a Yoruba.

Ah! Don't try to fight it. I love the way, the men raise up their abagda to fit their shoulders. How they show respect. Im not saying, there are no bad Yorubas, I am not view them at this moment. Irrespective of good and evil, I'm speaking neutral, let's say in-between.

The Yoruba men are vibrant and handsome. Dressed in their attire, which is currently the trending fashion of the west, east and south south. They are very intelligent, always having a perfection to everything they do. In tailoring, in performance, response to daily activities and their zeal to succeed.
The beautiful of kingship still rest in their land. Wisdom still runs in the palace of the Oba.

Turning to their women. Yoruba has the most beautiful ladies, you could ever imagine. Ladies with good morals, beautiful that's even displays despite the scars on some faces. They are gorgeous, ah, lovely and the best of wive material.

I just can't help it. Yoruba is one of the best tribes in Nigeria.

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