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Teju Babyface And Wife Welcome A Set Of Twins After 6-Year Wait

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Ace Nigerian comedian, Teju Babyface, is now a proud father of children after he welcomed a set of twins with his wife, Tobi .

The comedian excitedly shared the news of the babies arrival. He wrote…

Please rejoice with us! My wife Oluwatobiloba @tobibanjokooyelakin and I are the very grateful and excited parents of twin Children. It has taken almost 6years but God who neither forgets nor forsakes has given us double for our trouble. I pray that the God whom we serve will remember everyone who seeks Him & give you the desires of your heart. Mother and babies are doing Great! #Grateful#awesomeGod

Oyelakin, who is the lead mentor at Teju Babyface Mentorship Academy, got married to Oluwatobiloba (nee Banjoko) , an ex-beauty queen, in 2012. According to him, the academy is born out of a desire to train and direct youths on talent development. He is also the producer and host of The Teju Babyface Show which airs on TV stations around the globe.

In a 2016 interview, Teju Baby opened up about their love life and challenges as a couple in the interview;
Marrying a friend

On the issue of marrying my friend, the truth is that we became friends after getting married. I mean really good friends. Before we married, we were friends who were attracted to each other because of the qualities we saw in each other. But it was after we got married that we really started to bond at the deepest level of marital friendship. You know what I think? A combination of fidelity and weathering storms together brings about those results and that kind of friendship.


Not a single one. In fact, I wish I had gotten married to her earlier. Perhaps two years earlier. I often tell her that if I had married someone else (whilst the opportunity was there to marry her) and I saw her walk into a room, I would have had the deepest type of regret.

Sex before marriage

Lord knows I didn’t always live and behave like that, but, somehow, I was fortunate to discover not only the truth but also the strength in keeping the marriage bed undefiled before I got married to my wife. My father was also very insistent that I should not sleep with the woman I would marry. He would say ‘look, one can even make a mistake and slip up but don’t make it a lifestyle!’ Plus my wife was having none of it! For where?

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