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Sodom | By Victory Ajaja

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Is it wrong to love me?
Wear my lipstick and kiss my reflection?
Dance naked in my own body?

Should we clap to the sound of your heels,
and play your music to the ears of children?
Is it ok we let you burn our city to the ground?

I am my own person
I wouldn't want to feel lessened,
hiding in a cloak of invisibility is a stake to my heart.

A person is someone who clings to natures call
You live and breath will die one day.
Can you change that?

I might, time is churning.
Nature has lost his play he should hide behind bars
He imprisoned us in bodies we never treasure.

Dig dig dig deeper
you are the gold locked in a casket of mud
It a barricade you need to break.

Break free from who I am?
You just want me to pull the trigger and lose myself.
I am an abomination so it will be fine to disappear.

It will be fine to unwrap that blindfold,
it a lie you just don't see it.
Come on Shelley snap out of that cloud
You will fall a thousand feet.

No one get me
It waste singing this symphony to your ears
I will go to sleep and pray to God to save Sodom.

©Victory Ajaja

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