[Poem] There Is A Country | By Olaniyi Ololade

To write about this country, is to write, rewrite,
& write again, till it writes you into boundless tears.

There is a country in the coast of Niger,
where deliverance echoes from the tongue of deception.
A brother breaks into songs of bitter melodies
because the city is unsettled like a stormy sea.
Do not say we do not have peace in our country,
at least, we've peace that is broken into pieces
Do not say our 'peace less' land is also lawless,
at least we have laws that are valueless.
Do not say we do not have leaders in our country,
at least we have leaders that are climbing on us like ladders.
Oddity becomes common news-stories in our country,
& no one will read these headlines without feeling sorry:
- millions is missing with mere snake
- money is missing with mere monkey
- mace is missing in the midst of miserable men
- souls are missing in a stormy fire
A boy saw his portrait & said "this is not me,
this is not me! I'm not meant to be like this".
The best way to say you're a Nigerian is to say you're lost,
We're lost here & we're yet to find ourselves...

There is a country in the coast of Niger,
where sanity is being traded for insanity.
I pray, we find healing!

© Olaniyi Ololade

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