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[Poem] Devil's Eye | By Victory Ajaja

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Mate, Devil lost one eye,
trapped in a ball of the internet.
It shoot into hoops blind folded
hiding behind pairs of filters.

It turns neighbors into sour wine,
purge belly of distasteful worms.
It inject virus into our system
be warned so we may be guarded.

The search for demon prince's eye
has turned cyberspace upside down.
Tweet of death treat to whosoever
read the chat and mocked the devil's cry.

He is very angry I must tell you,
his eye lost in 'selfie'ish pictures.
swimming in a pool of likes and comments
Living in a world that isn't true.

When you do see the devil's eye send me a 'dm'
So i could cast it back to hell
and let shame be unto his king.
For he has lost the battle of thrones.

© Victory Ajaja

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