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I Won't Bow | By Saka Oladeji

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You claim to be the alpha and omega,
yet your flaws are vexatious.
I won't bow.

You want respect,
yet you give non to others.
I won't bow.

You crowned mediocre heros,
who have they impacted?
I won't bow.

Your reputation and integrity are marred with bribery,
yet you claim to be the future.
I won't bow.

You attach sentiment to all your approach,
yet you blame your fathers for wrong foundation.
I bow.

I won't bow to your sentimental approach to life.
I won't bow to individuals who shy away from their flaws and cry over another's.

I won't bow to unworthy leaders crying for my truth.
I won't bow to individuals with no true sense of judgement yet want to rule.
I won't bow to fear
I won't bow to failure
I won't to ignorance.

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