Have You Met Her? - By Alonge Lolade Esther | @LoladeAlonge - Olu Jameson Media

Have You Met Her? - By Alonge Lolade Esther | @LoladeAlonge

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The woman who if you look into her eyes
You see far above all heights
Deep down to the farthest depths
And wider beyond all widths
Have you met her?

She goes through all the phases of life
Which seem to have sunken her eyes
As a result of all the struggles
Which she alone went through
Have you met her?

She tries all her possible best
Toils all day without rest
Trying to bring out the best in her
Though the world suffers from myopia
Have you met her?

In trying to please the people
Who in her always see evil
Refusing to see her good deeds
She is yet to fulfill her needs
Have you met her?

No matter how much she tries
She can't but get hurt
Wondering why all her cries
Seem not to have their attention caught
Have you met her?

She has taken a crucial decision
Not to allow anyone dictate her life
Bringing all her plans to fruition
Will have to encounter strife
Have you met her?

Rising like the break of dawn
Like one the world has never known
She breaks through her shell of notions
Living a life worthy of emulation
Have you met her?

Searching the most unusual places
Asking the most unusual questions
Knocking the doors I never knew existed
I finally met her
A once in a lifetime woman I must say
I'm glad I met her
Meeting her has given me a reason
Not only to exist, but also to live
I hope you meet her one of these days
You have my word, you will be glad you did.

© Alonge Lolade Esther (Jesus'Baby1)

Alonge Lolade Esther is a student in the department of European studies (Russian and French languages). She's a poet and the convener of FIRST(Friendship, Inspirations, Relationship and Studies Talk), a program that holds on olujameson.com every third Friday of the month. She loves to write, speak, get to know people better, motivate, and be a source of inspiration to people to become better persons.

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