Anarchy (for that mace) | By Tukur Loba Ridwan - Olu Jameson Media

Anarchy (for that mace) | By Tukur Loba Ridwan

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A country has been abducted
of its staff of authority
by those we put in authority...

thieves are the culprit, they claim.
but who else could trail a thief
on these hills if not another thief?

& we say they took what belongs
to us. we forgot how we gullibly gave
them what we would not take back.

we still forget how they would steal
the seats of hope for this future
that stares us in the eyes mockingly.

we still forget how new tales foretell
themselves from the same old trees
that keep shedding their leaves of truth.

we still forget how we would forget
how all these timelines wrote themselves
on our walls like they would rewrite themselves.

the anarchy let loose upon this world
we call ours like a tsunami find its quake
from our troubled minds, from our troubled lives.

O'real © 2018.

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