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YOUNG OGA: Exclusive Interview With Abioye Oreoluwa (CEO Demertrius Couture)

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Good day and welcome to 'YOUNG OGA'. Olujameson's Blog exclusive interview session with the CEO Demetrius Couture.

Can we meet you ma?

I'm Abioye Oreoluwa

What is the name of your brand?

Demetrius Couture

What actually prompt you to go into fashion?

Hmm, while I was growing up, I just had passion for anything called fashion. I first engaged in Bead making and yet I was not satisfied until I decided to go into Fashion designing fully.

How long did it took you to learn fashion?

4years. Actually, I learned how to make suits and male dresses for sometimes and I latter went further to make female dresses.

Wow! you can also make men wears as well?

Yes... But don't wanna base on that for now.

Ehnehn, You will be making my suit for me?

Oh! I hear

smile.. No doubt, fashion business has been on the rise in recent years worldwide, how can you rate the fashion industry in Nigeria?

Fashion is the word for what most people wear or should wear (clothes, shoes, belts, hats, bags, etc.) in a society and the way they are designed. Fashion industry refers to all aspects of fashion i.e. design, fabrics production, marketing and education. When in full bloom, the fashion industry is expected to have professional designers, models, modeling agents, tailors, fashion photographers, fashion schools, fashion retailers, fashion journalists and magazines, etc. in successful operation. The clothes are usually produced and distributed in three categories: Haute Couture (custom made, in the olden days for the aristocrats but today for the celebrities and the well-to-do), Prêt-à- Porter (ready to wear) and High Street (mass-produced with lower quality fabrics).
In Nigeria, not all these aspects are present many areas in the fashion industry still remain untapped. Although the design and production sector has grown tremendously in the last decade, the sales sector still needs to really take off. The Nigerian fashion industry however, has the potential of becoming one of the main drivers of the economy in no distant future.

Thanks for giving us an insight on what fashion is, that was well explained.
How do you stay up to date with trending fashion?

Dressing fashionably is a great way to express yourself and boost your confidence. It can lead to success in other areas, even your professional and personal life. However, fashion trends change quickly. It sometimes feels impossible to keep up with the fast-paced and often inaccessible fashion world. Nonetheless, even if you aren’t in the fashion industry, you, too, can keep up with trends and incorporate them into your own personal style and this can be achieved by :Finding outside inspiration, keeping up with retailers, Editing your wardrobe and Staying on budget.

Which do you like making most, the Nigerian attire or the European?

I love making both because staying up to date in trending Fashion requires all round knowledge.
Whatever I know how to do, I like doing it.

To the best of my knowledge you did a fashion show last year?

Yes, the fashion show was this year.

Oh, So how was it like organizing a fashion show?

Ops! It was a little bit stressful and time consuming

If is time no problem then, I was expecting you to say money wise. Smile.

Definitely, should know that now.

Smile. Which fashionista can you call your role model

Doyin sonubi the CEO of ABSL fashion institute

Where do you see yourself in the next 3 to 4 years?

I see myself having my own fashion school and having a cloth line in fashion industry.

Will you be having a fashion show this year again?


Can you give us a precise time of when the show will be coming up?

Around September

Ensure you carry us along.

Okay, I will

When you ain't working what do you usually engage yourself with?

I check trending styles and read on how I can improve my skills

Thanks for your time, I really appreciate. I wish you all the best

Your welcome, Amen. Thanks a bunch.

And that's a wrap on today's ‘YOUNG OGA’. Bye for now and stay tuned for more exclusive interviews with YOUNG OGAS right here on Olujameson Blog.

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