Ode To My African "Laide | by Poetic Teapea Alabi - Olu Jameson Media

Ode To My African "Laide | by Poetic Teapea Alabi

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Strongly !!! , her tone sounds in throng,
Very sharp, so sharp like a dagger amongst the arms.
For African blood is not sluggish.
3" I detest the blouse of the white, says she,
Adire, Ofi, Ankara of my land I cherish,
For African culture must not be ruptured.
6" In the white land,
She feels solitary amidst the white people,
For African blood in her.
9" Amidst the girls-band,
She sings songs of African,
Very black, so black like original charcoal.
12" She could not tell the folklore of smith,
She only tells the legend of Akinwunmi Ishola,
For African blood speaks in her.
15" Her complexion dictates her continent though,
But the traits and norms is not as black as her continent
For African blood behave well.
18" Oh!!! how sweet is my African culture,
Come home yee African Nigga in the white land,
For African culture is as interesting as a stage play.

© Poetic Teapea Alabi

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