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Letter To The Light Fingered | By Ojo Olamiji

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He just shouldn't see it,he won't rest until he gets it.
Be it a house, my friend doesn't mind putting it in his pocket.
Anytime he sees a nice thing,his eyes bulge out of their sockets as though he's got proptosis.
Yes,he likes it,but he can't simply work to get his own.
Filled with mischief, he trails the people that worked all day long.
He's got great reflexes of his hands and legs,they never fail him.
He is a "he", but he took the beautiful pink slip-on.
He asked himself afterwards, " what will I do with this?"
Remember; A house built with another man's sweat will soon crumble.
So is a body nourished with another's money. Trust me it works.
Let it prick your heart,that house soon will crumble.
Let it prick your soul, that body of yours will soon crumble.
Let it be known to your whole system that no one will be able to save you on the day of reckoning.

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