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In This City | By Olu Jameson

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In this city,
Where hatred has defiled hearts,
peace has been married by terrorism,
Infidelity has ravage us of our sanity.

In this city,
Where dreams are shattered,
success is measured by material things
and ideas of the intellectuals are thrust into the trash bin.

In this city,
Where indecency, nudity is our identity,
the taste of bribery is as sweet as honey
and politicians wallow in corruption without iota of remorse.

In this city,
Where hospital is a place of torment
rather than a place of treatment.
Where death has grasp so many soul
because of wrong prescriptions and nonchalant attitude from nurses and doctors.

In this city,
Where mother find solace in gossping
neglecting their children for abuse, kidnapping and illiteracy
where father pay no attention.

In this city,
Where we find ourselves
we must adhere to halt this menace
before we perish like Sodom and Gomorrah.

© Olujameson

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