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I Did Survive l By Victory Ajaja

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I am proud to spell these word plain
permit me i'll be harsh,
cause yes I have survived.

On the cold mountains of Eden
where sapents have diced my nakedness,
blessing me with this forbiden pot of tears.
Yes I have survived.

Walking with my bare sour feet,
on the coarse grains of Egypt.
My sad story to tell, when chains
have become pelt about bony waist.
Yes I have survived.

Dressed in black 'mournings'
on a casket of deceit carved from
blood borns with rotten fangs.
Yes I have survived.

At the gates of Herod I stand
picking his left overs blown out his windows,
for the street rats to feast on
Yes I have survived.

And these are my scars,
warpaint of a mighty ant I am.
Stood the heavy prints of Goliaths.
Yes I did survive

With a one arm, half blinded eyes.
And a walking stick holding my disjointed hip.
Yes I did survive.

© Victory Ajaja

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