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An Ode To Abeke | By Poethic Teapea Alabi

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A damsel like no other.
In this spot,
Who is like fragile object ?

My mirror that needs to be conserved,
Who's my time
That must not be wasted ?

My path that needs to be paved
Had I known your lineage '"Beke""
My spoken word will eulogise your beauty.

Who's my edible food,
That must get stale ?
My mirror to whom I observe,

The reason of my past-tour, to the riverine,
Her teeth as white as snow is incomparable,
Into her eyes my eyes penetrate,
That her eye-balls chant the song of my lineage.

One who blanketed me at winter,
Who is the brightest flower in my garden
Like lily at the bank of nippoppo?

On my last dream
Your imago smites my heart
When my heart seemed to portrays another heart.

Whose heart lay me
In the green pasture ?
And the breeze of the arena sings me the song of affection.

Because of whom I'm intruder
When haste to see her dimple
Very deep, so deep like a hole of love
At where I fetch and drink water of love.

You've occupied the totality of my life
Please, never sing me a deceitful songs
For you're the reason, I proud

My light, at night,
My wing I fly

© Poethic Teapea Alabi

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