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12TH EDITION OF FIRST (Friendship, Inspirations, Relationship and Studies Talk)

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Whoa! 12 months of God's faithfulness and your support is no joke to me. I can't thank you enough for being there all these while. It's not been easy, but sure, it's been worth it. Thanks for your encouragements, calls, texts, mails, pieces of advice and lots more. If there's no you, then FIRST would have been wasted effort. I remember vividly when I first started, and a senior colleague sat me down to ask what the point of FIRST was, I explained to him, but he didn't seem to get it, but he said something, it's high time whatever we did answered a question that's been asked. This saying has inspired me to write on the "I" area of FIRST, in this edition, and as we all know, it stands for Inspirations. I'd love to share how it all started, and I believe it will take someone out of his or her comfort zone and push you to do that best that's in you.


It was a beautiful Friday afternoon, I was getting ready to attend the weekly seminar that comes up every Friday in our school's auditorium. Of course, I just ended classes for the week, about two hours ago, and I wished I could just sleep for a while before that seminar, but I couldn't. One mustn't arrive the venue later than the scheduled time. On my way to the auditorium, I received a call from OluJameson. I had always been a part of the OluJameson's Blog crew in the little way that I can. He said to me that day, "Lolade, I've been thinking of something for you to do on the blog. It's going to be your own program." Really? Me, anchoring a program on a blog? How possible can that be? What program is that? What is it about?  Then he went on to say, "We'll call it Night out with Lolade. It will be a program wherein you drop questions on particular topics, and you give out recharge cards to people who give answers to the question." Whoa! That sounded big to me. A part of me welcomed the idea, another part of me was scared that I'll never be able to do it. I told OluJameson to give me some time to think about it.

"In whatever you find yourself doing, there are people set to bring out the best in you, and also people to frustrate your efforts. It is your decision who you choose to focus on."

Thinking about this thing got me sick. I didn't just think about the idea, I prayed about this idea. What will God have me do with this idea? I got so confused, I spoke with senior colleagues, mentors, trusted friends, but I spoke to God the most about this. Then, I got a better idea. I am one out of the population of the world that believes in putting God first in whatever I do, and to lay all my fears upon Him. And then it clicked! "First". You know that saying that has to do with what you find yourself doing is part of your calling sometimes? Most of my articles from the past pointed to some aspects in one's life, and the acronyms fell in place. Friendship, Inspirations, Relationship and Studies Talk (FIRST). Another thing that came up was how to go about the program. It's not like I've got so much experience to teach on these aspects of life, then, the inspiration came again and it was to give case studies on these aspects and have people react to it, give their ideas on how to resolve problems at least to an extent. The major idea is basically to give a voice to people's opinions to help answer people's questions. So, I won't be teaching, but I'll be learning and also contributing my quota to the betterment of the society in the little way I can.

"The amount of time you spend pondering on what step to take will be reduced if only you discuss it with God."

  Now, it all seemed to start making sense, the fear seemed to be fading gradually away. I knew God was involved in this, and that gave me rest of mind to an extent. I got back to Olujameson, he welcomed the idea, and started working on sponsors for the program, we printed an E-flier to publicise the upcoming program, and the turn out was flabbergasting. What?! People were so interested in this program. I got calls, mails, texts and lots more from people I least expected to show their interest and 100% acceptance of the program. Whoa! Now, one thing that scared me, was the publicity that comes with this. Also, the program was said to come up on a monthly basis, will I ever be able to remain consistent? People would expect a lot from me, will I ever be able to meet their expectations? What if I don't? What if something comes up and I'm not able to continue? What will people say if I'm not able to continue?... Trust me, lots of questions were flowing in my mind, I didn't know what to do, this got me so scared, in fact, I almost gave up. I put a call through to OluJameson that I couldn't continue with this, and he tried his best to encourage me, but I wouldn't bulge. He suggested that we prayed and fast about it (fear almost made me forget the God that started with me), we did, and I got the encouragement I needed and the date for the first edition was fixed for April 21st, 2017 by 7pm. I believed if we're able to scale through the premiere, others will fall in place.

"Never run away from your fears, confront it, and you will find out that the closer you get to it, the lesser it becomes."

To God be the glory, FIRST was successfully premiered, and I remember clearly that we had 6 people who dropped their comments directly and lots more on WhatsApp, via e-mails and even by calling. That was a huge breakthrough for us at OluJameson's blog, and ever since then, getting better has been our aim. It was scheduled to always come up every third Friday of the month by 7pm. Of course, there have been times when I felt like giving up, but I always remember that there's nobody at the top of their ladder who never felt like giving up at some point, but they didn't, and that's why they are where they are today. This whole journey so far is definitely beyond what can be put to writing, but it has always been a source of inspiration to me, and I'm trusting that it will inspire someone else too, to do something better than what they are doing now, even if it will take you out of your comfort zone. FIRST took me out of my comfort zone, but now I'm getting more comfortable out of that comfort zone, and trust me, stepping out of this new comfort zone is imminent, because I have refused to have a better yesterday with God helping me.

"In whatsoever you find yourself doing, keep upping your game, that outside your comfort zone becomes too comfortable for you and you have to move ahead again and again till you reach the peak."

Wonderful readers, your encouragements through reading, commenting and sharing can never be overemphasized. Thanks so much for being there all these while, and I'm grateful that you will keep being there for us. My special appreciation goes to OluJameson, thanks so much for believing in me. And to everyone who has been a part of FIRST in one way or the other, thanks so much, I am eternally grateful. I look forward to your commendations, recommendations, ideas, opinions, advice and every other thing you think can help us become better people at FIRST. I'd love to hear from you and you can directly drop your opinions in the comment box, or send an e-mail to firstwithlolade@gmail.com

"Remember, you are an amazing being, and your opinions matter."


  1. Wow! First of all I give God all the Glory for how far we have come. I must confess at first I wasn't even sure of what the whole segment will look like, I was just desperate to get more readers "every bloggers prayer" but with FIRST my orientation changed. Knowing you was a blessing, with you blogging became very easy. I am glad you could impact our generation and inspire me as well, God will continue to strengthen you my sister.

    I also want to thank everyone that has been supporting and following FIRST. WE LOVE YOU ALL.

    1. Ohhh... Whoa! Thanks so much OluJameson. Amen to your prayers too.

  2. Sijuola oketokun16 March 2018 at 14:00

    Thanks for giving us twelve wonderful episodes, it feels like its the end, is it? I hope it isn't.

    1. Miss Sijuola, thanks for being there all this while. By God's grace, it's not. We hope to get better. Your opinions are welcome too ma'am.