Positive or Negative? by Faturoti Oluwafemi Samuel | @famozone - Olu Jameson Media

Positive or Negative? by Faturoti Oluwafemi Samuel | @famozone

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Every Feb. 14 is a day that has been reckon as lovers day. Before the D-day, you will notice boys and girls, guys and ladies, men and women, husband and wives, getting prepare for the celebration.

But the question is "are they all celebrating it in the right or negative way". Are those celebrating true lovers or they are true luster? I'm not against it's celebration but we need to do it right.

To the guys out there, is it a true love or true lust? Are you doing it just to know what she has kept beneath her skirt? Or are you doing it to take away her pride and integrity? Are you doing it as a pay back for what you've spent on her? If you are doing it especially for later then stop the spending if nothing goes for free in your linage or tribe. If your Val celebration is all about this, it's lust and not love.

To ladies, nothing comes for free. Never think you can outsmart a guy by just collecting gift. If your defination of Val is for him taking you out for shopping, exploiting him, or having sex with him, my dear, you need to rethink.

celebrating love shouldn't be a one day thing, love should be an everyday thing. Feb. 14 can just be to celebrate and strengthen your loves by exchanging gift with a clear mind of love and not lust.

To guys, never spend to get or destroy her pride and integrity.

And to ladies, never ask or make him spend for you for the exchange of your pride and integrity. If he loves you, he will help you keep your pride and integrity with honesty and trust from both side.

Happy Lovers Celebration. Happy Vals Day.

©Faturoti Oluwafemi Samuel.

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