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Modern Ladies | By Poethic Teapea Alabi

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Sighing, Singing, Sorry for thee,
Thine Temporary permanent sparkling life
For thou live today and leave tomorrow

Asewo so people proclaim thee,
Omo shaku-shaku so thee titled thyself,
Often with Spear, Sword shooting real tear-jerker

Once neglected foreign attire, Becomes thy contemporary fashion, Living life fairly on smug.

Changing colour Several season like chameleon,
Stager style of walking draw thee like trapezium,
Living as lazy as tortoise.

Thou are fart rats
Doughty consumer on stolen,
And no Severe Smite for thee.

Though are Compatriot of conflict nation,
Thou, hast talented on kerfuffle,
Very useful, like devil's arms.

Nay, thou are devil's ammunition,
At thy modern social fart party,
With thy dancing steps as gallop as horse.

Sighing at thee culture,
For thee live with no ethics
Nay, without God fearness.

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