Interview With The Devil: By Victory Ajaja | @victory_ajaja - Olu Jameson Media

Interview With The Devil: By Victory Ajaja | @victory_ajaja

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I am Lucufer, call me The Devil.
I was the light bringer in the heavens,
with my flame sword. Iluminate I say.
A throne I did occupy till that day
when I pledged my allegiance to the dark,
slashing swords with my brothers on Noah's ark.
Dad beloved and favourite son was I,
till that certain time I kissed him goodbye.
I wouldn't say I regretted that day,
I was near king, a price I got to pay.
For my light went out and my wing broken,
then beauty behind mask was awoken.
I became the faceless prince of Hades,
drawing men to the depth of their abyss.

© Victory Ajaja

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