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Believe - Victory Ajaja | @victory_ajaja

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Its me Believe,

Have come knocking once more.
I have been chained by you,
claimed to be rearranged
In a world where fabricated.
lies are tokens to be bought.

Seized by carefree men
With no intention but to drag
my name to the dirt they step upon
Rubbing stains to redefine my
purpose, for which I am made.

This vacuum you fill,
was bought from the days of
sweat, restructuring this
Coming unity of your people
to pursue one common goal.

Instead you cornered me,
shove my will down my throat
Naked my pitiful self
and lashed me the years of
digging and moulding to bring you.

Let the tales of your fathers
that came before you be a
reminder that you nothing
without me.
Maybe then will the speck in your eyes be cleansed.

© Victory Ajaja

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