It Won't Be Proper To Find A Secular Act On A Gospel Track - St.Chika - Olu Jameson Media

It Won't Be Proper To Find A Secular Act On A Gospel Track - St.Chika

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In an exclusive interview, gospel Artist, St. Chika, gave us his view on gospel artist featuring secular act on gospel songs, he also share with us how he was able to dominate the blogshere within a short period of time.


Olujamesonblog:  Can we meet you sir?

St. Chika: My name is Chika Nwaogu.

Olujamesonblog: Why do you choose gospel music?

St. Chika: I wanted to do music that passed a good message. Music that impacts unto others. Give hope to the hopeless. I wanted to do music that everyone could listen to. My kids could listen to. God has been the only thing constant in my life. I wanted to use my music to not only praise him, but win souls for him. I love Jesus in a nutshell.

Olujamesonblog: When did this journey start for you?

St. Chika: I have sang virtually all my life, starting from my days in high school. But my spiritual journey as a gospel singer started Aug 2017 when I first recorded higher. I never wanted to record but friends on hearing me sing some of my songs urged me to record them. After so much persuasion from a lot of friends, I felt the right thing was to give it a try and that was the best decision of my life. Look where it led me.

Olujamesonblog: How were you able to dominate the blogsphere within a short period of time?

St. Chika: I never thought I was going to dominate the blogosphere within this short time, it just happened. Everyone wanted my song higher on their blog. I eventually made it to over 200 blogs without spending a dime. It is grace if you ask me. Now I have about six singles released on multiple blogs online and all are considered hits by many.

Olujamesonblog: I have received so many songs on my mail and I don't even bother to download or even ask them how much they are paying  for upload, but when I saw your song HIGHER on my mail, listen to it I had no choose than to upload it, It was the  first song i will ever upload on my blog. I must confess that was a great effort from you. How can you rate yourself in the Gospel music industry now?

St. Chika: I am still new at this, though many may not agree with me. Some think I have been at this (Gospel music) for years now. Some say I have made progress as much as many gospel acts did in their first two years in a few months. I still see myself as an up and coming gospel act because I believe that no matter where I have reached, there is still a lot to be done. I am going to be at this for years coming and I see me developing a lot on my craft.

Olujamesonblog: Recently you released a love song titled "My Mrs. Me" what spur you towards do a long song?

St. Chika: I am a firm believer of love and the institution of marriage. Hence it was only logical I was going to sing a song like "My Mrs. Me". I will still do more love songs but I will do more of gospel. So let's say 90 percent gospel and 10 percent love.

Olujamesonblog: There have been misconception on how gospel music should sound, some people have argued that hip hop, rap genre of music shouldn't be allowed in gospel music sound, did you share in this sentiment and is there any particular way a gospel music should sound?

St. Chika: I love urban gospel music. I love Kirk Franklin and Mary Mary. I believe as long as the song glorifies God then it is gospel music. I don't do sentiments. I have songs that are strictly urban gospel and many that are the traditional type of gospel. I believe God doesn't do genres. As long as that rap music is glorifying God then I am down with it anytime, any day.

Olujamesonblog: well said... How can you rate the growth of Nigeria gospel music?

St. Chika: Nigerian music is the fastest growing export from Nigeria as a whole. Nigerian people are creative people. So I think Nigeria is one of the leading when it comes to music as a whole.

Olujamesonblog: Recently we have seen gospel musicians featuring secular musicians, what is your view on this, is it proper?

St. Chika: Okay, in my own opinion this is not proper. Your children take some gospel act as role models, it won't be proper to find a secular act on a gospel track for which children are allowed to listen, then later in the child finding out that that secular artist who he/she has now taken as a role model is on a track that promotes immoralities. This may be confusing for some children. It is sometimes good to set the boundaries here.

Olujamesonblog:  Lets go back to you, I understand you have a record label, how is it like managing a label and do you have any artist under your label?

St. Chika:  Yeah I have an artist, in fact i have two artiste and I plan to sign more. Managing a record label is quite interesting to me because it is a new experience and I am loving every bit of it helping other gospel act find their feet. It is amazing in just one word.

Olujamesonblog: Which gospel artist do you look up to as role model?

St. Chika: Joe Praise. He is that guy that can make you dance to God, anytime, any day.

Olujamesonblog:  I guess you have plans featuring him in one of your songs?

St. Chika: Most definitely. He and I; I believe will make a great collaboration.

Olujamesonblog:  What other artist are you looking forward to work with hopefully this year?

St. Chika: I can't really tell, but I have always wanted to work with Tim Godfrey.

Olujamesonblog: We will be looking forward to that too... what are your plans for 2018?

St. Chika: I will be shooting my first musical video this year. I Will be releasing my 18 track album nationwide too.

Olujamesonblog: What advice do you have for those that want to do gospel music?

St. Chika: Hardwork, prayers and discipline is all you need. And also a little more humility will take you places. Learn to be humble and patient. Do it for the passion and not for the money. Money comes much more later. Passion is the drive that keeps you going when there is no money coming.

Olujamesonblog: I really appreciate you for your time, this year is gonna be big for all of us. we love your works and we support you 100%

St. Chika: Thank you brother. God bless you immensely.

Olujamesonblog: You're welcome always sir.

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