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CLAM Pastor Releases Prophecies For 2018

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The Senior Pastor of CLAM, Oladiyun,  Christ Livingspring Apostolic Ministry (CLAM) in a chat with City People has disclosed what God has told him about 2018.

According to Pastor Wole Oladiyun, 2018 is going to be a very good year. You would here noticed that over the years I don’t dabble into prophecies. Whatever God shows me, I pray about it. If its negative I put it to prayers to avert it or mitigate the effect.

I don’t like to scare people with it. That is why I usually don’t want to join issues. I am always very careful but I can tell you that 2018 is going to be a wonderful year for us in Nigeria. It will be better than 2017. That is what the Lord has told me. Commerce will come up. Rural development will take place. I see a local government reform coming. The youths will become more enterprising. The Lord said to me that next year is going to be a year of total Restoration in Nigeria, if we walk divinely we would see.

A lot of things will happen that will make the country run smoothly next year. The country will pick up next year. The economy will pick up. I see an inflow of money from outside Nigeria into Nigeria next year. A lot of developments will come our ways next year. Mark it! 2018 is a year of industrial revolution for Nigeria.

The country will work. People are working. People are going to have private power generation plan. Things will get better. I see general development. Although, we have passed through a lot of challenges but next year will be better.

As for the politicians, what I have seen is that, God will change their ways. God is going to change the equation, He is going to change the game of politics and He is going to surprise everyone. Why I say God is going to change the way politics is being played is that people would not vote according to parties any more.

People will just look for candidates they trust; who they know can do the job, who can deliver, not the party they belong to. Irrespective of your party, people will just look for those who can perform well. God is going to surprise everyone.

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