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10TH EDITION OF FIRST (Friendship, Inspirations, Relationship and Studies Talk)

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Whoa! It's a wonderful 2018! Happy new year people, trust 2018 has been so far so good. Thanks for joining us again on this edition of FIRST. Thanks so much for 2017, without God and you, there's no us. To God be the glory for keeping us thus far. I'm trusting that as much as possible, we are working on becoming better people in order to have a better year. Remember, the change that we all need begins with me (and you who is reading this piece).

In this edition of FIRST, I'd love to drop one of my old articles that I came across. It addresses the area of academics. I've discovered in my dealings with a lot of students that most times all they care about is keeping their CGPA up, but they forget the primary reason for which they are in school, which is to get a deep understanding of the knowledge of the discipline they are in. Most times, what students do is actually cram or crash read when the time for exams come. This might help in keeping up your CGPA, you might even be a First class student, but when you graduate with a first class, and you can't even apply the knowledge of what you claim to have studied for 4, 5, or 6 years, it just doesn't seem right. A lot of times I've seen and heard of people who come out top of their class and find it very difficult to apply the knowledge of the said discipline they claim to have gained mastery of. As much as we all know that I'll be giving my own opinions, I'm opened to hearing your own opinions too on how to go about resolving this issue, so we all can learn from it and become better persons.


The first thing I have noticed that kills the vibe to read is the saying that "There is still time". Let me shock you darling, there is actually no time. If you think that 13 weeks is a lot of time before exams begin, you are on a very long thing and I'd love to inform you today to stop basing your thoughts on that idea. There will be classes or lectures to attend, activities in the department and faculty, your time off, things to attend to and a lot of other things that will take your time, and by the time you think you will be able to settle down to read, examination is already knocking at your door. This might hinder you from actually preparing well for the forthcoming examination, thus hindering the acquisition of knowledge. Imagine having a course material of about 50 pages, and that is not the only course you are taking for that semester, at least you have 5 more courses to gain knowledge from, if the preparation is not early, "la cram, la pour" is the students' way out, and I can bet you, that is not a very good thing to depend on.

Secondly, I'd like to address the issue of building a fence around yourself. What I mean by this is that, a lot of people keep too much to themselves when it comes to academics. They believe in only what they can get from their lecturers and what they know by themselves. They feel good enough for themselves. Dear reader, this is not a very good approach to academic success. Everybody has one weakness or the other. Take for example, in mathematics, you may be very good in surd, sets, algebra and the likes, but you aren't good when it comes to angles. Don't say that I'll answer other questions well enough, not knowing angles doesn't really matter. If you find out about a course mate of yours who is good in solving mathematical problems involving angles, don't be too much of an introvert, seek help. Don't build a wall of limitations around yourself. If you don't understand any part of any course, find people who understand, and learn from them. Also, we are in the computer age and everything has been made easy. You can always explore the internet to get as many information as possible about any topic whatsoever. Never allow your knowledge to be limited to the information you gain in the lecture theatre or from the course materials compiled by your lecturers, instead, do yourself the favour of going beyond that, surf the internet for more information and get better daily.

The third thing I'd love to emphasize is develop your ability to ask questions. You are in the institution primarily to acquire knowledge. This can only be done if you keep asking questions. You discover that something is looking complicated in any of your courses, never hesitate to ask questions. You see, in life, questions never get exhausted, instead, out of the answer to a question proceeds another question. I've discovered that people who ask questions tend to become smarter and versed in whatever field they find themselves than people who don't. In class, let them know you as the student who asks a lot of questions in order to gain more knowledge. Let your philosophy be "if I don't understand, I will ask, ask and ask questions until I fully understand the topic."

Fourthly, it is very important to know yourself and your method of assimilation. When do you comprehend what is being read better, is it during the day or are you a nocturnal reader(.I.e. A night reader)? It is very important to discover this, as it will help you to know when and how to read. A lot of students prefer to read at night because of the serene environment, while a lot love to read in the library because of the serious atmosphere. It is very good to read in the library, but not everybody assimilates in a very serious place like the library, instead they prefer to read in cool and calm places like a garden. The most important thing is to get the book read and to understand and assimilate the content of what is being read, be it in a library, garden, class room or during the day, or at night.

Finally, never look down on yourself. A lot of students have low self esteems when it comes to academics. They believe they can't be among the first class students. Most times, they say to themselves, "let's just leave the first class to the good students, while we deal with the second class." Why don't you believe in yourself that you can do it, people who are on first class don't have two heads, they are just putting in their bests to be the best they can be. I like to refer back to to the words of Ben Carson's mother, she always told Ben that "You can do anything you want to do, only you can do it better." As much as you try to keep up your CGPA, never forget the primary reason for which you are in school, which is to acquire knowledge and bring out the best you can out of it to contribute your quota to the development of the nation.

I believe you have purposed in your heart not to invest so much time in things that won't help you, instead you will invest your time and strength into things that are able to bring out the best in you and show you to the world as the best and as indispensable.

As much as you apply the above methods in your academic life, never forget whom you have believed in to help and see you through this race called academics. I trust that we all will have a 2018 filled with academic excellence.
I'd love to hear from you, you can either drop your comments directly or send a text message to 09030993102 or send an email to firstwithlolade@gmail.com.

Remember, you're an amazing being and your opinions matter.

Alonge Lolade Esther (Jesus'Baby1).


  1. Beautiful. More ink to your pen and more insight added to you.

    1. Thanks Miss Olamiji. I anticipate your opinion too, even in subsequent editions.

  2. Great piece for encouragement! We hope to read more from you.

    1. Thanks so much Mr Ayegh Lubem. We hope to also hear more from you Sir.

  3. So on point. Thanks for that... More grace