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The Tears Of A Maiden: By Ojo Olamiji

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I was a golden pot looked out for by every man on the street of the beautiful ones The plunging eyes of them all wouldn't seize to cause bolts of adrenaline run down my spine I knew just what I wanted but haven't found all I needed.
Ripened and ready to be ladened, I sought for my mate
All along, raw desires were all I felt
Intoxicated by every youthful burst of hormones
I left the path of my mothers
I entered deeper and deeper into a forest of desires, streaked with all sort of addictions Ade-ori was my addiction.
A perfect symphony of attributes.
He wouldn't even steal a glance at me unlike every other.
With all fibre and enthusiasm, I plunged into a forever ectasy
Ade-ori must be mine by all means
Even the mask of pretense I wore couldn't conceal the affections behind my every glance My desires were just enough to cover for us both, even if he didn't have any for me Like a disaster about to happen, we "tangoed" too quick
Just in the nick of time, Ade-ori went on a journey of love with another Like a thunderstorm, it struck me
I became a broken calabash that no one would reckon with
Even the river made from the tears of the eyes wouldn't fill up a broken calabash It happened and it's done!

 Author: Ojo Olamiji a Medical student of University of Ibadan, A Creative and Inspirational writer. Sometimes are Write up are emotional because she believes she is an emotional person.

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