Sunday, 26 November 2017

Daddy Freeze Challenged To A Spiritual Contest At National Stadium Abuja By Pastor Humble Okoro

 Daddy Freeze

 Cool FM OAP and leader of ‘Free the sheeple’ movement, Daddy Freeze, has been challenged to a spiritual contest at National Stadium Abuja by Pastor Humble Okoro. 

According to the Pastor in the online trending event, “this is not a debate, but a power clash meeting that will prove to Nigerians how Daddy freeze is demonized which will herald to his ostracism. Last April, I confirmed and certified him being possessed and tormented by 52 destiny destroying demons”.

This is however not the first tim Pastor Humble Okoro has challenged the OAP to a spiritual contest. When the formal was asked of his expectation as regards to the honouring of his invitation by Daddy freeze, he stated ” you would remember this is not the first time I had sort to deliver Daddy freeze through this medium of challenge, but regrettably, he evicted. As I am speaking now, our workers are on plans to reach the relevant authorities as regards to having the event hosted in National Stadium Abuja, if only Freeze will pick a date. But if I am allowed to choose, December 25th serves a better date” Pastor Humble Okoro stated.

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