Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Breaking News: Jubilation in Zimbabwe as Robert Mugabe Resign.

It has been a trending news about Zimbabwe President, Robert Mugabe who has been ruling the country for 37 years and wasn't ready to leave the presidential seat for any other person except his wife; Grace Mugabe or his son.

The 93 years old president was not ready to resign which leads to his impeachment process by the parliament. Grace was said to be in exile since last week and is yet to be trace or track.

After the wife's going to exile, the son Chatunga Bellarmine Mugabe, the youngest son said he's going to be the country president. This has result to riot in the country and military took over the capital about 6 days now.

Mugabe letter of resignation was read in the parliament to applause and cheers from lawmakers. And this has led to jubilation outside the parliament, across the country and around the world as well.

Stay turned for further updates.

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