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8TH EDITION OF FIRST (Friendship, Inspirations, Relationship and Studies Talk)

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It gives me great pleasure that my pen sheds its ink to be of great help to a lot of people. I'm always glad to hear from people telling how FIRST has been a source of great impact and help to them. Thanks to as many people as have encouraged this program by dropping your comments, sharing the links with people, calling or texting or dropping mails, I am really grateful. The last edition of FIRST, that is the 7th, got lots of comments, but via mails and messages as people encountered some difficulties commenting directly. But be rest assured that your comments are rightly disseminated.

Before I go ahead with this edition, I'd love to tell Bode that he has every right to discuss the future with whom he calls his Fiancée, that is Folashade. It is very important that you discuss everything worth discussing in a relationship heading for a marriage. In marriage, we cannot afford to be different on some things such as visions and fundamental beliefs, which is the more reason why communication is key in every relationship. I'd love you to sit Folashade down and let her see reasons why she should take this aspect of your relationship seriously in order to make the marriage work out, and for it to be a happy and fulfilled one. Remember to do this in love and according to knowledge, and I really do hope for the best for you both. Have a wonderful life and beautiful relationship.

In this edition of FIRST, I won't be dropping a case study, instead, I'll just love to drop a piece of my mind on the aspects of friendship, inspirations, relationship and academics, and I hope that it will be of help to as many people as possible.

When it comes to the aspect of friendship, something I'd love everyone to know and always be conscious of is that, not everybody is from the same background as you are and a lot of other people didn't receive the same training or upbringing that you have received. This knowledge will give you an insight into the fact that people won't behave the way you want them to at all times. Hello, we all have different mindsets and don't expect us to think the same way. I have heard of and seen friends who had to go their different ways because they didn't get around to knowing each other, accepting their differences and appreciating their similarities. Keep this in mind, and I tell you, your friendship ties will flourish so much it will become the envy of a lot of people.

On inspirations, it is very important to know that following your heart and backing up whatever step you take with prayers and believe in yourself and a hope for a great success will actually help you become what you want to become in life. Always find a reason to keep working hard and ensure success. Find things and people that make you always aspire for success and surround yourself with them. Always have a reason or reasons as the case may be not to ever give up on your journey to success, and believe me, the sky will be just a starting point.

In every relationship you find yourself in, never forget about the "3 Cs", which are Commitment, Communication, and Connection. A relationship is all about Commitments, and it works out better when you communicate as often as possible which helps you to connect in the best of ways. This theory is applicable to all kinds of relationships, such as business relationships, marital relationships, professional relationships, and so on. This theory has worked for a lot of people and I know it can work for you too if rightly applied.

Concerning academics, what I have to tell you is to never say never. You are who you say you are. You can define what your results should look like and work towards achieving it. No matter what field or discipline you find yourself in, always set goals for yourself and even a time frame within which you should achieve these set goals. Also, always believe in yourself and keep being optimistic no matter what the situation is, then I believe success shouldn't be farfetched.

Dear reader, I hope my little pieces of advice will be or have been of great inspiration to you, and it's encouraging you to become a better person than you are now. I'm happy you read this article, and I'll be happier if you share it with friends and loved ones, and also drop your comments either directly here on the blog, or via text messages to 09030993102, or mails to firstwithlolade@gmail.com.

I'd also be glad to receive your stories, commendations, recommendations, questions and whatever it is you have for us that can make us better people. See you in the next edition, till then, keep on getting inspired.

Remember, you are an amazing being, and your opinions matter.

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