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Other Side Of Existence- By Olu Jameson

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Tempus Fugit Memento Mori (Time Flies and Death is Around the Corner). I was just 10 years old when Grandma told me this words, but I was to young to understand; her words were heavy and full of wisdom. She will say life is brutal, and wickedness is being celebrated like a wedding all over the world. She will further say in her mother's tongue "Aye toto, akamara", but I always thought she meant "the world is vast, and that I needed a camera to visualize." I understood nothing, so I paid little or no attention to her wise words until she became a victim of her own words, when she had issues with Iya Asake Oniru a very long time ago.

Iya Asake was arguably the most popular Iru seller in the whole of Ijebu, and she was also grandma's best friend when they were young. Grandma told me she and Iya Asake were so close they even ate from the same plate when they were young. That was when their friendship was as close as that of a snail and its shell, but not anymore, because they now keep a distance from each other as far as that of the heaven and the earth, and their case is like fire and water.

When I asked grandma what really caused the ruckus between them, grandma told me it is because Abioye, my late grandfather, chose her over Iya Asake. That was the genesis of the whole enmity, but she further said if she had knew Iya Asake also loved Abioye, she wouldn't have married my grandfather. That was a very long time ago, about fifty years now. That should have been a bygone, but Iya Asake wanted absolutely nothing to do with my grandma again because she felt betrayed by her bosom friend. She carried this burden for years and she will never drop it.

 Grandma has tried every means to settle everything even to the extent of divorcing grandpa before he died, but all to no avail. Nevertheless, that never stopped her from wishing Iya Asake well, and she never held any grudge against her, even if Iya Asake kept rejecting her often times.

Many years has passed by now and grandma has given up on herself and Iya Asake being friends again, maybe until after life. Grandma is eighty years now and she will tell me anytime we get the chance to sit together "my son, I wish to die a peaceful death whenever Eledumare decides to call me home" and I will reply "mama I pray Eledumare hears your voice from yonder and grant your wishes", and she will reply with a smiling face "Ase". I was the only grand child of grandma and I have been with her since I lost my parents in a car accident. Life was peaceful now and meaningful, grandma has nothing to worry about. All she does lately is eat, sleep and await the time Eledumare will decide to take her home.

Just when we thought we were having the best years of our life, an unfortunate incident happened in the middle of the night on the fourth day of the week, when grandma screamed out heavily from her room like a woman who is in labour. When I got to her she was sweating, and she looked as though she was drenched by rain.

 Afterwards, she was unable to walk again and she spent the last years of her life on bed. Believe me, it wasn't easy for her. She will cry all day and shout out to the heavens and tell Eledumare to take her away before she got rotten. On her last day on earth, she called me and said "my son, we are just passers-by on earth where hatred, anger, enmity engulf us, but cheer up, the true happiness awaits us in heaven where love overcomes hatred, where truth overcomes lies, and where the bright rays overcome darkness" and after this words, grandma closed her eyes, behold she had gone to the other side of existence. I mourned her for many months, and prayed that she rests well, before I finally left the village for the city.

After some months, I was told Iya Asake confessed, after nemesis caught up with her, that she killed my grandmother, and she had used her in a witchcraft gathering as a contribution.
What baffled me the most was the fact that she didn't kill her when she was young, but when she had reached the ripe age of her life. That sounds bizarre to me, but she might have had her reason which is best known to her, and I'm not even interested.

No peace for a wicked mind, and repercussion is around the corner.

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