What Will Happen To Nigeria If Buhari Does Not Repent – Lagos Cleric - Olu Jameson Media

What Will Happen To Nigeria If Buhari Does Not Repent – Lagos Cleric

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A popular cleric based in the financial hub of Nigeria, Mr. Oluwadare has advised President Buhari to turn to God for Nigeria’s stability.

The General Superintendent of Christ Redemption Bible Church (CRBC) Lagos, Pastor John Oluwadare, has said that until President Muhammadu Buhari becomes born again, Nigeria will remain unstable.

He maintained that until other Nigerian leaders show genuine repentance and truly return Nigeria to God, the country might never stop tottering and toddling, even in adulthood.

Pastor Oluwadare, advised President Muhammadu Buhari to organise a genuine national prayer so that the country might regain its lost glory.

The cleric also urged Nigerians not to lose hope in the country. He said the rampaging songs of discord and disunity among the various tribes in the country could only draw the nation backwards, insisting that God had destined Nigeria to be a great nation.

The cleric noted also that though God is still very much interested in the Nigeria project, the leaders should rise up and allow the fear of God to rule them.
“I have, on several occasions, had encounters with God concerning this country. I have related this several times on our weekly television programme on LTV, Heal My Land.
“I can assure you that God is still at work and that is why I am advising President Buhari to urgently declare a national prayer for the nation to regain its lost glory and be among the blessed nations of the world,” he said.

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