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Different, But Definitely Not Less - By Ojo Olamiji

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Imagine if we all here on earth are the same. Like absolutely the same. I mean it's got to be boring in here. There's not gonna be diversity at all.

 Imagine if we are all gentle, and there is not even one outspoken person. We'd all be looking at ourselves all day long. Or, if the only thing we all can do is to make clothes, we all better be prepared to walk bare footed. The idea is we all can't be the same. We are different. Yes, different, but not less.

Other than our diversity being a great tool of development, it has been a source of discord and jealousy. 

Each and everyone of us are a different combination of genes. However, we tend to not appreciate what we are or who we are. We are often concerned about what others are and can do. We really do wish to be like them or do what they can. I say "all the best in your quest o". Rather than appreciating who we are, we are soon filled with jealously. Get me right, it's not bad to aspire to be more or better, but you'd have to be sure you really appreciate who you are. 

We really need to address this issue. Before you can live successfully and healthy, you have to come to terms with who you are. I remember my pastor sharing this story with us in Church while growing up, I will share it with us too.

" There was a monkey and a sheep. People were gathered to look at them. Of course the monkey, the way it was created,started jumping from one tree to the other. The sheep on the other hand,meek, was just calm and people did appreciate it. At some point, the sheep wanted people to shout too the way they were shouting as the monkey was hopping from a tree to the other. Well, the sheep tried jumping on tree and of course fell down on its back. People were really disappointed in it simply because it desecrated its divine nature"

I think most of us are like the sheep, we find it so easy to desecrate our nature. I call it divine nature because we were structured that way. The sooner we come to terms with out nature, the sooner we are able to live happily. Yes,we are different, but we are not in anyway less. I am not very outspoken, but I am not less to the people that are all over the place. I understand my nature and I live. I am fulfilled. I do not have to be all over the place before I do the needful. I think the need for attention is also another thing that makes us feel less. I want you to understand that your difference is a great tool for global development. I have come to terms with the fact that no one can be me and I am just as important as my "seeming" counterpart in the race.

At some points in our lives we might be filled with desire to be what others are already, that's not absolutely bad. We can aspire to be more and better than what we are. However, we should beware of these desires, that they do not turn to jealously. And we do not shut out people who we believed to be better than we are or have what we don't, out of our lives. You are different but definitely not less! You are as important as they are in the global plan.

Make use of what you have and see yourself form an integral part of what's happening around you. Be sure your motive is not to seek attention. Do what's needful genuinely with what you have, and see how things turn around. Love everything about yourself. That voice, stature, shape, ability, disability, abundance, lack. Think of anything, they are a part of the things that make up the unique you!

Author: Ojo Olamiji a Medical student of University of Ibadan, A Creative and Inspirational writer. Sometimes are Write up are emotional because she believes she is an emotional person.

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