“You Should Have Killed Churchill When You Had That Gun,” — Kemi Olunloyo Tells Tonto Dikeh, Recounts Her Own Experience - Olu Jameson Media

“You Should Have Killed Churchill When You Had That Gun,” — Kemi Olunloyo Tells Tonto Dikeh, Recounts Her Own Experience

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Kemi Olunloyo in a post she dedicated to Embattled Nollywood Actress , Tonto Dikeh has said the actress should have Killed her husband when she had a Gun . In a lengthy post on Instagram, Kemi revealed she once shot her fiance in the head while she was 8 months pregnant due to domestic violence.

Read Her Below :

# tontodikeh from a bold , brave ,
transparent woman. Like
# ArethaFranklin and
# WhitneyHouston sang “ I’ m every
woman , it’ s all in me ” . . the reason
I brand myself as the most
intelligent woman in Nigeria is
simple . I do what others are
SCARED to do . I ’ m proud of
myself, never been married ,
probably never will .

I have written on Facebook that if
I marry it will be for money and
never love and that’ s why
billionaire # Bauchi Forex prince
Ahmed Makama said he wasn ’ t
giving up on me cos he ’s been
after me since our London
school days when I was 17yo
and he was 19 .

Today Makama is 55 yo and
married with lots of grown kids
and grandkids and wants a
second wife. I will never be THE
SECOND WIFE or be in a
polygamous relationship . Even
his Hausa wife is “ excited to have
me join as wife # 2” .

I illustrated this beating around
the bush to u @tontolet because I
wanted to show the upcoming
ones that many things attract us
to marriage . Money , status looks
etc . Regarding Churchill , YOU
you had the GUN ! I’ m a gun
violence activist . I promote guns
for protection not for
slaughtering , assassinations etc .

It is to protect u from the bad
elements . As a social critic and
investigative journalist ppl were
waiting for my view. I was still
investigating @zukiliciouz
interview and your write ups.

When I posted my
# domesticviolence pics on
Facebook 2013 with my entire
hand in a man ’ s mouth bitten like
an animal , my head busted with a
pipe , people were shocked.

Men glorified it… Kemi must have
done the man wrong . These pics
b 4 and after the hospital
emergency room taken by
@BaltimorePolicedepartment Offc
Ronald Roberts in his police car .

Ladies keep all photos , don ’t
keep silent . My ex fiance ’s family
kept telling me to stay that things
will improve . Its a vicious cycle.

In America I was allowed to
protect myself… WITH A GUN ! Its
legal . Hon Jibrin @abdulabmj
said put up a strong resistance.
How in Nigeria ? Have a weapon
READY ladies and protect ur legal
rights ! Bad men will KILL U
FIRST ! # RIP to all the women
that died in the struggle .

# HNNSWIPE screen to see my
# madamhnn KOO

# hnncrime One of the reasons I
remain single to this day is
# domesticviolence . Do u know I
once SHOT my fiance in the head
while defending myself in an
abusive situation at 8 mos
pregnant ? Baltimore police was
tired of the calls to my home and
his arrest .

They told me clearly to protect
myself. The bullet grazed is head
rendering him lucky or his brains
would have been splattered on
the wall . I was not arrested , he
was arrested and hospitalized.
I ’ m not having it.

Nigerian women wanna have the
Mrs title till they end up in a
casket. Protect yourselves ladies.
Our society and culture promotes
this shit! #hnnimpact

I ain ’ t havint it.

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