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William Gallas: Why Jose Mourinho Is Better Than Arsene Wenger

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Former Arsenal and Chelsea defender William Gallas has revealed that ‘it was very good’ to play under Jose Mourinho than Arsene Wenger, claiming the Portuguese boss does more in training than Wenger’s laid back approach.

The Frenchman was one of the few players to have featured for both Arsenal and Chelsea during his playing days and has revealed that Jose Mourinho has more grip on his players during training sessions while Arsene Wenger chooses to remain laid back with his approach.

William Gallas told Soccer AM: ‘Managers want to win, they want to win trophies.

But with Jose, he will show you every day at the training.

‘If you are not 100% he will stop the training and he will say to you “What’s wrong with you? Why won’t you train? If you don’t want to train, just go outside and just run.

Because what I want, what I expect from you is to give me everything in the training and then you are ready for the game.”

‘And with Arsene it is a little bit different. You have that responsibility to manage yourself.

He won’t be behind you all the time, so that makes a difference.

‘For me it was very good to be with one
manager who was always behind me to push me in the right direction.’

Arsene Wenger has continued to coy on his future at the Emirates, with reports that the board has made a u-turn concerning his future, having offered him a two-year deal to remain at the club but have now told him to prove himself once more at North London before getting an extension.

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