“When It Comes To Women, Nigerian Men Are The Kings Of Africa” – South African Author - Olu Jameson Media

“When It Comes To Women, Nigerian Men Are The Kings Of Africa” – South African Author

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Nigerian men know how to treat women – South African man says
The skills Nigerian men have when it comes to treating women has attained legendary status. Few countries can boast of having the impact on women the average Nigerian man has.

South African businessman, politician and motivational speaker Gayton McKenzie recently gave reasons why Nigerian men are the kings of Africa
This was recently buttressed by South African politician/business man Gayton McKenzie. Speaking while promoting his soon-to-be released book Hustlers Bible 2, Gayton urged South African men to stop blaming women for going for Nigerian men. In fact, he says they must watch and learn from them as they are the kings of Africa.

“South African men should forget about the scare tactic of lying about narcotics regarding Nigerians, our ladies discovered it’s a blanket lie. Nigerian men know how to treat women; spending money on them instead of writing poems, he said. Nigerian nias ain’t got time for poems, they give your girl cash and a good time. Poems don’t buy louboutins,” he said.

Gayton also went on to commend the romantic skills of Nigerian men
He went further to share a story of how a guy lost his girl to a Nigerian at a restaurant because he could not afford to buy her champagne.

“I saw a couple drinking castle lite, the Naijas at neighboring table sent a champagne; the guy sent it back, the girl followed the champagne.”

Source: Television Africa**

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