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Importance of women in men's life - by Faturoti Oluwafemi

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It is said that "behind every successful husband, there is a wife", likewise, "behind every successful man is a woman". Our women is the main reason behind every successful nation of the world. Men are the leaders, but women will always do the backup which later results to success for the men.

Women always train men to be good father and husband. Any husband that can easily control his home is a lucky man to have a good wife. Such a man is qualified to be a good community leader.

Women also train the future of the country as it is said "The children and Youths of today are the future of the country". Men can not give the children more good training but women gives better training to the children and the outcome is always good.

The impact of women in our world can't be underrate. I give a great Kudos to all women and women to be throughout the world.

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